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Bennetts and Russells

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Bennetts and Russells
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The Russell and Bennett Family


Dr. Eve Russell played by Tracey Ross
Eve is a respected physician in Harmony, but her world was shattered when secrets from her past came out. For years, TC believed he had the perfect wife and mother to their two girls, Whitney and Simone. The Russell family exploded when it came out, thanks to Eve’s vengeful sister Liz, that Eve had an affair with Julian Crane and that they had a child together – Chad! Eve was devastated when her family turned against her. Now that she and TC are divorced, Eve has reconciled with Julian.


TC Russell played by Rodney Van Johnson
TC is Harmony’s well-respected high school athletic coach. TC had dreams of making it big in the world of tennis, but a leg injury prevented him from going pro. Since TC's own dreams were dashed, he focused all of his attention on making daughter Whitney a tennis star. He was devastated when she chose not to pursue a tennis career. TC always believed his wife, Eve, was perfect, until he learned she was once involved with his sworn enemy, Julian Crane, and even shared a son with him. TC and Eve are now divorced.



Whitney Russell played by Brook Kerr
Whitney is the beautiful, talented daughter of TC and Eve, and older sister of Simone. To her father's delight, she spent most of her life training to become an international tennis champion. However, when Whitney fell in love with aspiring music producer and songwriter Chad Harris, she realized her true passion was singing. Unfortunately, Whitney’s personal and professional dreams were dashed when she learned that Chad was her half-brother. Unable to deal with her lingering feelings for Chad, Whitney decided to join a convent, leaving behind her family, including Miles, her baby by Chad. Whitney is the best friend of Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald.



Simone Russell played by Cathy JeneÚn Doe
Simone is the youngest daughter of TC and Eve Russell, and sister of Whitney. Simone always felt that she lived in the shadow of her "perfect" older sister. However, Simone got her parents’ attention when she revealed a stunning secret – she’s a lesbian! Simone’s good friends include Kay, Jessica and Paloma.



Chad Harris played by Charles Divins
Chad is a talented music producer and songwriter, but he has put that career on hold to become an executive at Crane Industries. He grew up with foster parents in Los Angeles but eventually moved to Harmony hoping to find his real parents. Once in Harmony, he found love with Whitney Russell. However, Chad eventually learned that Eve Russell and Julian Crane are his parents, which means Whitney is his half-sister! By the time the truth came out, Whitney was already pregnant, and now she and Chad share a son, Miles. Despite their blood relation, Chad hopes he and Whitney can still have some kind of future together.




Sam Bennett played by James Hyde
Sam is the Chief of Police and a pillar of the Harmony community. With estranged wife Grace, Sam has three children – Noah, Kay and Jessica. He is also the father of Ethan Winthrop, whose mother is Ivy. Sam and Ivy were once childhood sweethearts. They found love again after amnesiac Grace left town to be with David Hastings, whom she believes (thanks to Ivy) was her first husband.



Noah Bennett played by Dylan Fergus
Noah is the strong, handsome son of Sam and Grace Bennett. He is Kay and Jessica’s much-adored older brother. When Noah finally came home to Harmony, Sam was shocked to learn his stand-up son had secretly ditched school for a life of gambling. However, Sam was relieved when Noah agreed to stay in town to help their struggling family. Noah uses his charm and quick-wit to get out of jams, which is especially useful since he can’t seem to stay away from trouble-magnet Fancy Crane. The recent appearance of ex-girlfriend Maya has brought heartache and danger into his life.


Kay Bennett played by Heidi Mueller
Kay is the daughter of Sam and Grace Bennett, sister of older brother Noah and younger sister, Jessica. As a teenager, Kay stopped at nothing to win the affections of Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald, but he fell in love with her cousin, Charity. After tricking Miguel into sleeping with her, Kay became pregnant with his baby and gave birth to Maria. Kay was devastated when Miguel left Harmony to chase after Charity. During Miguel’s absence, Kay found love with Fox Crane and ditched her scheming ways. Miguel’s recent return (sans Charity) is sure to complicate matters. Kay lives with Tabitha and is privy to the secret that she is a witch.



Jessica Bennett played by Danica Stewart
Jessica is the daughter of Sam and Grace Bennett, and younger sister of Kay and Noah. Jessica was always the “good” daughter, but after her mother left Harmony, she began acting out by going to clubs and taking drugs. She’s involved with sleazy Spike, who has her convinced he is the only person who cares about her.


Liz Sanbourne played by Amelia Marshall
Liz is tough as nails on the outside, but her rough exterior masks her true vulnerability. She harbors years of pent-up anger at her half-sister, Eve. Liz blames her sister for ruining her life when Eve left home many years ago, giving Liz’s father the opportunity to sexually abuse her. As a result, Liz vowed to get revenge on Eve by taking away her husband and daughters…a mission she successfully accomplished! However, Liz’s thirst for vengeance is unabated since Eve still managed to find happiness with Julian Crane.




Grace Bennett played by Dana Sparks

Grace has no memories prior to Sam rescuing her from a Boston fire in the late 1970s. He got her name from a piece of paper he found in her pocket. They married soon after, and he brought her home to Harmony, to live in the house where he grew up. Over the years they had three children, and Grace helped Sam raise his much younger brother Hank. Grace and Sam looked for her family, but after the births of their children, Grace decided that she didn't need to know her past. That worked until after their oldest, Noah, left home for university. Grace started wondering about her family, so Sam started using the Internet to search for them. He found a woman, 'Seeker', in a chat room, and managed to realize that she was a member of Grace's family. Grace was thrilled to learn that her twin sister could be so close...closer than she thought. She didn't realize that her own children had met her niece, Charity, and that her daughter, Kay, was keeping the two apart in the hopes that Charity and Faith would leave, and she would get Miguel.

Grace and Faith managed to connect once, via their computers, but then the unthinkable happened...Faith was the victim in a fire set by an ancient enemy of the Standish family (the Bennetts next door neighbor, Tabitha). Her twin sister was dead, but Grace had something to hold on to...her niece, Charity. Once Charity was out of the hospital, Grace and Sam moved her into the Bennett home. Grace soon realized that, like her, Charity has something special about her. While Grace received visits from a little angel girl, Charity had premonitions. She never realized that her premonitions were warning her about a new friend of hers, Ivy Winthrop Crane.

For nearly two years, Grace believed that Ivy was a good friend of hers, because Ivy made her believe that. At no time did Grace ever suspect that Ivy was merely pretending to be her friend to break up her marriage. She began having nightmares about a woman who wanted to take Sam away from her, and even had Sam's son. Her worst nightmares ever came true the night of Ethan and Theresa's engagement party...not only did she learn that Sam had committed adultery with Ivy (before he met Grace), but Ethan Winthrop was Sam's son! In a dead faint, she fell down the stairs of the Crane mansion, and woke up in the hospital fighting for her life, and that of her unborn son [the child the doctors had told her it was impossible to conceive]. Her mental condition was fragile at best, and seeing Sam and Ivy in a compromising condition was the last straw...Grace lost the baby, and blamed Sam for it.

It took Grace hours to convince Sam to take her home, and when they got there, they found out that Charity had been seized by the denizens of Hell. Grace blamed Sam for that as well, because she knew something was wrong and he wouldn't take her home. Her anger didn't last long though...after hearing Sam once again blast Ivy for her selfishness and tell Ivy how much he loved his wife, Grace, she forgave him...until she found out he knew she was there the whole time.

Sam and Grace finally settled things between them, until a man named David Hastings came to town, claiming to be Grace's long-lost husband! A few months after David shows up in her life, another surprise is in store...he has a twenty-something son named John. Grace is thrilled to find a connection to her past, and she and John are fast forming a relationship...while she fights what she believes is the resurgeance of her feelings for her former husband. Grace doesn't realize that David was hired by Ivy to pretend to be her husband, and that John is not her son.

Things only got worse when Kay got pregnant. Grace soon realized that her daughter was affiliated with the dark side, and tried desperately to save her. This just drove a bigger wedge between Grace and her daughter. Thanks to Kay's interference, Grace was finally forced to choose between Sam and David. Although she loved Sam, she couldn't ignore her vows to David, and chose to stay with David.


Charity Standish played by Molly Stanton

Until recently, Charity was the ever-sheltered only child of single mother Faith Standish. A visit to a carnival last summer changed all of that. Charity met Miguel Lopez Fitzgerald, and through him, learned of a woman named Grace Bennett who could be her aunt. It turned out Grace WAS her aunt, but before she could introduce Grace to her mother Faith in person, there was a horrible fire at their small home in Castleton (set by Tabitha), and Faith is believed to have perished. Charity ended up in Harmony, and for many months, couldn't remember who she was, or the strong ties that bound her to Miguel.

Now that Charity has her memory back, she has a new problem. Lately, she's been having horrible visions. They come in two varieties: deathly predictions (usually of Miguel, usually run through with a ski pole), and psychic smut (of Eve and Julian, as a result of a close-by bird statue). Lately, she has begun having a new series of visions -- visions where Miguel professes his love to her cousin Kay, who she is beginning to realize has been in love with Miguel since long before she entered the picture. A recent near-miss tragedy during the avalanche was the first time she and Miguel professed their love out loud to each other.

The newest problem in Charity's sphere is her cousin, Kay. Thanks to Kay's scheme at the prom, Charity became halved -- one half good, one half bad. Evil Charity almost succeeded in killing Kay and Miguel, but luckily the two escaped...barely. Evil Charity finally met her doom in the mineshaft, but unluckily for Charity, she didn't have a lot of time to enjoy her freedom, and her love with Miguel. Thanks to Kay selling her soul to Hecuba, Charity spent some time burning in the fires of Hell. They finally managed to save her, only now Kay has a new hurdle to overcome...Charity and Miguel have announced their plans to marry!

Charity and Miguel are unofficially engaged, with plans to make it permanent once they both reach 18. After a trip to Warlock Island, Charity has retained the uncanny ability to talk to trees, and often gets advice from the tree in the Bennett's front yard. Unfortunately, the tree wasn't able to give her very good advice. On a skating trip with the group, Kay managed to get Charity into a cave, where she used the book of spells to trap Charity in a block of ice and create her alter ego, Zombie Charity.

While the real Charity was 'on ice', Zombie Charity began carrying out Kay's plots to get Miguel for herself by blowing hot and cold when Miguel was around, and cozying up to other guys. Everything seemed to be going according to plan, Zombie Charity even had enough free time to harass Tabitha and Timmy, and turn herself into Julian long enough to lure Theresa back into a life of manipulation. But lately Zombie Charity isn't playing by the rules. She's gotten things back on track with Miguel, and loved the 18th birthday bash that the Bennetts threw for her. In addition to scheming to seduce Miguel to kill him, she is plotting to kill Timmy, too, before he can use the Demon's Horn to free the real Charity.

Luckily for Charity, the Demon's Horn was able to free her from the ice block, but she was gravely injured. While in the hospital, her heart failed, and originally they all thought she was dead, until they found a heart donor...Tabitha's 'grand-nephew', Timmy. Now Charity is alive with Timmy's heart beating inside her.

Miguel and Charity made all the preparations for the wedding, and were even in the Church when suddenly Kay fainted. She awoke to have Eve telling everyone that she was pregnant, and Charity was shocked to soon learn that it was with Miguel's baby! Her love for Miguel is still pure and true, but she is concerned that if she comes between Miguel and Kay, the baby Kay conceived will lose out on it's father.

When Death came to take Miguel and Kay's child, Charity made the ultimate sacrifice. In order to save the child of the man she loves, Charity promised to give him up. But during the weeks that Maria was in the hospital, Charity and Miguel found their way back to each other. Unfortunately, Kay wouldn't give up her attempts at manipulating Miguel, and Tabitha and Endora were also in on the act. They cast a spell that landed Charity in Reese's bed, which is where Miguel found her.

Miguel and Charity broke up, and Charity got involved with Reese, who was finished with Jessica. She could never stop thinking about her love for Miguel though. After numerous attempts to reconcile, Charity, after talking to her 'mother', returned to Castleton, where their home had burned to the ground in 1999. Miguel showed up, and when Charity was nearly killed by a big black dog, Miguel speared the dog. But when they went to look, it turned out it was Kay who had been speared. As a result of the spearing, Kay was left unable to have more children. Despite Miguel's pleas for her to stay in town, Charity could not longer face life in Harmony and, at Tabitha's urging, left on the bus

Breathe in, breath out.  You keep me alive.  You are my Passions for life.

Breath in, breath out.  You are my Passion for life.