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The Lopez-Fitzgerald


Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald played by Galen Gering
Luis is the heroic son of Pilar and Martin and brother of Antonio, Theresa, Miguel and Paloma. Years ago, Luis took over the role of father figure in the family when his father and older brother, Antonio, disappeared. He sacrificed his childhood to support his family, and eventually became a cop with the Harmony Police Department. Despite his hatred for the Crane family, Luis fell in love with Sheridan Crane. Even though they have faced many obstacles to be together (including death!), Luis knows Sheridan is his true soul mate. Luis and Sheridan share a son, Marty.




Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald played by Eva Tamargo
Deeply-religious Pilar is the devoted mother of Antonio, Luis, Theresa, Miguel and Paloma. Her husband, Martin Fitzgerald, mysteriously disappeared years ago, and she prayed every night he would return to the family. Pilar’s prayers were answered when Martin returned, but it wasn’t the homecoming Pilar had expected – her husband came back with another woman, Katherine Crane! Pilar hopes Martin is ready to recommit to her and their family, but Katherine remains a threat to her happiness







Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald played by Lindsay Hartley
Theresa is the daughter of Pilar and Martin, and sister of Antonio, Luis, Miguel and Paloma. Theresa has been in love with Ethan Winthrop since she was a little girl and has always been determined to marry him, no matter what it takes. She came close to fulfilling this dream until her many lies caught up with her and Ethan left her. However, the hopeless romantic remains confident that one day, thanks to “fate,” she and Ethan will be together again. She recently married Alistair Crane in a convoluted plot to win back Ethan. Theresa is the mother of Little Ethan (whose father is Julian) and Jane (whose father is Ethan). Theresa’s best friend and confidant is Whitney Russell.




Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald played by Adrian Bellani
Miguel is the good-hearted son of Martin and Pilar and brother to Antonio, Luis, Theresa and Paloma. Miguel fell deeply in love with Charity Standish after meeting her at a local carnival. Although Kay Bennett schemed to win his love, Miguel only had eyes for Charity. Charity came to believe she was ruining the lives of those she loved, so she fled Harmony. Miguel soon took off to find her, leaving behind a heartbroken Kay and his baby daughter, Maria. He recently returned to Harmony – without Charity. What does this mean for Kay, who is now involved with Fox Crane?







Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald played by Silvana Arias
Paloma is the spitfire youngest daughter of Pilar and Martin. After Martin disappeared years ago, Pilar couldn’t provide for all her children, and she made the heartbreaking decision to send Paloma to live with a relative in Mexico. Now grown up, Paloma has returned to Harmony and has dealt with the resentment she once harbored towards the family that “abandoned” her. Paloma is close friends with Simone and Jessica.


Martin Fitzgerald played by Richard Steinmetz
Martin is the husband of Pilar, and father of Antonio, Luis, Theresa, Miguel and Paloma. Martin disappeared from Harmony years ago, leaving his family with no explanation. As it turned out, Martin left town with Katherine Crane, in order to free her from Alistair's abuse. Martin and Katherine fell in love after going on the run together. When Martin returned to Harmony with Katherine, he faced the wrath of the family he had deserted. He’s now torn between the love he feels for both Pilar and Katherine.



Antionio Lopez-Fitzgerald played by Christopher Douglas

It was shortly after Sheridan Crane was presumed dead in a boating explosion that she was rescued by a fisherman named Brian O'Leary. Brian lived on the island of St. Lisa's, often doing odd jobs for the resort owner, Liz, an old friend as well as an old lover. He found himself instantly drawn to the woman, even when she was still unconscious. Brian, Liz, and Doc tried to find anyone who may be looking for her without much success. When the woman awoke, knowing nothing about her identity but believing her name was Diana, Brian helped her get back into the swing of things, even helping her get a job at Liz's hotel where he ended up doing the job for her because she didn't know how. As time went on, Diana began to fall in love with Brian as well, and the two began planning a future together.

It wasn't long before flashbacks and talks with Diana revealed the secret Brian had hidden for so long; he was really Antonio Lopez-Fitzgerald, the missing and presumed dead son of Pilar and Martin, and the brother of the true love Diana believed was dead. He had been just a child when Martin had left Harmony, and after spending years raising his younger brothers and sister, had been forced to leave town by the Cranes shortly after Luis graduated high school for reasons unknown. When Nick Bozman, an con artist Brian had worked with before going straight, showed up, his interference nearly killed both Brian and Diana. After surviving a deadly car accident, Brian and Diana decided to go to Harmony so that he could introduce the woman he had asked to marry him to his entire family before a mysterious illness took his life.

Shortly after returning to Harmony, Brian returned to his given name of Antonio, and wound up in the hospital with a mysterious illness. His friends and family rallied around him, convinced at any minute that he would die. Antonio and Diana, whom he soon realized was really Sheridan Crane, began planning their lives together, but plans for weddings and elopments were constantly placed on hold by hospital stays, fainting spells, and even the occasional bout with blindness. Antonio offered Sheridan her freedom numerous times, but she continued to avow her love to him. Antonio was pleased not only that he and Sheridan were getting married, but also that Luis was engaged to marry Beth, his childhood sweetheart.

Antonio and Sheridan eventually wed, although Luis and Beth's wedding that same day did not go off as planned because her mother had (faked) a heart attack. Not long after their wedding, though, Antonio (who was blind again) missed his medication because Sheridan had taken responsibility for giving it to him and she wasn't there. This put Antonio into a coma, and only a risky procedure could save his life, but the same procedure could also end it. The decision was made to treat Antonio, and he awoke just in time to learn that Sheridan was pregnant. Antonio was overjoyed to learn that he would soon be a father, and soon threw himself into pampering Sheridan and trying to help plan Luis's wedding to Beth, who also turned up pregnant.

When Sheridan suddenly disappeared, Antonio had no idea what had happened with his wife. Knowing she was under a lot of stress, he initially accepted the reports that she had taken off to get some rest and relaxation, but soon began to believe she had been kidnapped. Antonio was frantic to get to his wife and child, and when they finally rescued Sheridan he was overjoyed, even though they hadn't found the baby. Unfortunately, Antonio was devastated that same night when he overheard a conversation between Luis and Sheridan, and realized that they were more than simply friends. Despite having overheard what he did, though, he believed that whatever they had was over, because the Sheridan he knew was not the type to marry one man while loving another.

Unable to figure out what was going on with Sheridan and unable to comfort her after the loss of their son, Antonio allowed Alistair to convince him to commit Sheridan to the mental hospital, believing Alistair's claims that Luis was taking advantage of Sheridan's current state. Antonio believed Alistair when he said Sheridan needed time to heal, and to allow her to make her own decisions without Luis controlling her. Antonio wanted what was best for Sheridan which is why he agreed, but once he realized what Alistair was planning, he and Luis joined forces to try to free Sheridan.

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