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Crane, Barrett, and Hotchkiss

Crane, Barrett, and Hotchkiss
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The Crane, Barrett, and Hotchkiss Family


Alistair Crane played by John Reilly
Alistair Crane is a ruthless and powerful billionaire who will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. Alistair thrives on flaunting his power and inflicting pain on his enemies. For years, he has masterminded all sorts of evil plots to torment the citizens of Harmony. He even set out to destroy the lives of his own children, Julian and Sheridan! Long ago, Alistair once loved Rachel Barrett, but she dumped him when she learned of his monstrous ways. He’s currently in an abusive marriage with Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald.


Ivy Winthrop Crane played by Kim Johnston Ulrich
Ivy Winthrop grew up in a life of wealth and privilege as the governor’s daughter. As a young woman, Ivy fell deeply in love with Sam Bennett. Unfortunately, her powerful father didn't deem blue-collar Sam a suitable match... so Ivy was manipulated into marrying Julian Crane. For years, Ivy kept a huge secret – her first-born child, Ethan, was not the son of Julian, but the son of her true love, Sam. She was devastated when the truth eventually came out. Ivy never stopped loving Sam and has spent the last several years scheming to win him back. She stooped to a new low when she blackmailed David Hastings to pose as the first husband of Sam's amnesiac wife, Grace. Ivy’s dreams came true when Grace left town with David, and Sam and Ivy reconciled. Besides Ethan, Ivy is also a meddling mother to Fox, Fancy and another daughter.


Julian Crane played by Ben Masters
Julian is the son of Alistair and Katherine Crane. For years, Julian was as immoral as his father, but has since undergone a transformation thanks to a magical journey with doll-turned-boy Timmy. In the aftermath of this journey, Julian realized that he still loved Eve Russell, whom his father had forced him to leave years ago. Despite Julian’s marriage to Rebecca, he has pledged his undying love and devotion to Eve. Julian is the father of Fox, Fancy and another daughter with his first wife, Ivy. He also shares a son, Chad, with Eve and yet another son, Little Ethan, with Theresa. Julian’s youngest child is Endora, who was conceived during a shocking one-night stand with Tabitha

Katherine Crane played by Leigh Taylor-Young
Katherine is the mother of Julian and Sheridan, and ex-wife of Alistair. Katherine snuck out of town years ago with Martin Fitzgerald, in order to escape Alistair’s abuse. When she left, Alistair faked her death. Katherine lived in hiding with Martin, and the two fell in love. Upon returning to Harmony, she was happily reunited with her children, but she also had to deal with Martin reuniting with Pilar, the wife he left behind. Coming back from the dead runs in the family since Katherine just discovered her “dead” sister, Rachel, is alive.


Nicholas Foxworth "Fox" Crane played by Mark Cameron Wystrach
Fox is the son of Ivy Winthrop and Julian Crane. While growing up, Fox felt ignored by his mother, who favored his older brother, Ethan. Fox bounced around several boarding schools before settling down in Harmony. The former playboy changed his mischievous ways once he fell in love with Whitney Russell. However, the relationship fell apart due to her many deceptions. The charming and sarcastic young man then fell madly in love with Kay Bennett. In order to provide for Kay and her daughter, Maria, Fox has focused his attention on becoming a successful executive at Crane Industries.


Fancy Crane played by Emily Harper
Fancy is the vivacious and spoiled daughter of Julian Crane and Ivy Winthrop. Glamorous and gorgeous, the billionaire heiress is often the subject of tabloid fodder. While partying in Vegas, Fancy met Noah Bennett and sparks flew. The squabbling couple have alternated between wanting to kiss and kill each other ever since. After years of living abroad, Fancy finally returned home to Harmony. And as her mother noted, where Fancy goes, trouble follows.



Ethan Winthrop played by Eric Martsolf
Honest and handsome, Ethan was raised as Ivy and Julian’s son, and was groomed to be the heir to the wealthy Crane dynasty. But Ethan's world was rocked when he learned he was really the son of Ivy and her first love, Sam Bennett. Ethan is married to Gwen, his childhood sweetheart, but still harbors a deep love for his ex-fiancée, Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald. The noble lawyer shares a baby daughter, Jane, with Theresa.


The Hotchkiss Family


Rebecca Hotchkiss played by Andrea Evans
Haughty socialite Rebecca Hotchkiss is the scheming mother of Gwen Winthrop. Rebecca believes that power, money, and social position are the most important things in the world. She is currently married to wealthy Julian Crane and is determined to keep that position, no matter what the cost!


Gwen Winthrop played by Liza Huber
Socialite Gwen is the daughter of Rebecca and Jonathan Hotchkiss. Gwen is married to her childhood sweetheart, Ethan Winthrop, despite her husband's lingering feelings for his ex-fiancée and her nemesis, Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald. Gwen often gets caught up in her mother’s schemes to help her hold onto Ethan, which could backfire if he ever found out. More than anything, Gwen longs to be a mother, but is biologically unable to have children. Gwen is the best friend and confidante of Sheridan Crane.


The Barrett/Crane Family


Rachel Barrett played by Sharon Wyatt
Years ago, Rachel was the love of Alistair’s life – until she discovered what a monster he truly was and turned on him. For years, everyone believed Rachel had died, but she was actually hiding out from her abusive ex-fiancé. The strong and determined woman recently slinked back into Harmony to seek revenge on Alistair. Rachel is the beloved sister of Katherine

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