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Passions Babies
Crane, Barrett, and Hotchkiss
Bennetts and Russells
Other Characters on Passions
Passions Babies
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The babies of Passions.


Ethan Lopez-Fitgerald Crane played by Colton Shires
Ethan Martin Crane was conceived during a drunken moment of passions between Julian and Theresa, on what they thought was their wedding night. Theresa's original plan was to pass the baby off as Ethan Winthrop's, but as soon as she realized she wasn't far enough along and Ethan would realize the truth, she planned to get an abortion, even though she had already felt the baby move for the first time. Theresa went to the abortion clinic, but despite having gone to the appointment, never went through with the abortion. She had resented him throughout her pregnancy, as soon as he was born, Theresa fell in love with her son, but denied him his father. For many months Little Ethan was at the center of a custody battle between his parents. Julian just wanted to get to know his son, but Theresa refused to let him anywhere near the baby, so Julian fought for full custody and won. He generously allowed Little Ethan to remain with his mother, even though she still refused him access.

When Little Ethan was still in diapers, Theresa went to Los Angeles for a number of weeks while Gwen and Ethan Winthrop awaited the birth of their first child. The resulting events in Los Angeles led to the death of their daughter, Sarah, and an angry and vengeful Rebecca reported Theresa to Child Protective Services as a bad mother. After an investigation into Theresa's background, Child Protective Services made the decision to take the young child from his mother and to put him in his father's custody, where he spent time primarily with Gwen and Ethan, although Julian and Rebecca were both on the fringes of his life. After Theresa attempted to kidnap Little Ethan at Julian and Rebecca's (second) wedding, Judge Reilly (who was on the Crane payroll) was horrified at seeing the traumatic effects Theresa's actions had on her child and opted to terminate her visitation.

By the time the issue came to court in the spring of 2004, Little Ethan had been used to living in the Crane mansion. Judge Sanders (who was not on the Crane payroll) initially ruled in Theresa's favor, but after seeing assault Gwen and Rebecca in the hall outside the court, Sanders opted to terminate her parental rights altogether as he did not feel she was stable enough to parent the boy. A few days later, with Julian's permission, Gwen and Ethan legally adopted Little Ethan, and his name was changed from Ethan Martin Crane to Ethan Winthrop Jr. Both Gwen and Ethan were thrilled to have him as a son, but while Gwen dreamed of a future with the boy, who was now school-aged, Ethan kept trying to think of ways to reunite Little Ethan with Theresa, even after Little Ethan made the decision to start calling Ethan and Gwen 'mommy' and 'daddy'.

Theresa finally got her wish. After a long, drawn-out saga that included kidnapping, embryo-snatching, blackmail, rape and numerous lies, Gwen and Ethan agreed to let Theresa have Little Ethan back in exchange for the child she carried. Unfortunately for Gwen, once the baby was born Theresa admitted that she had slept with Ethan (although not that she had drugged him) and that the baby she had given birth to was actually her own. Because Ethan and Gwen had already agreed to give Little Ethan to Theresa, they had no choice but to return him to her. Theresa, Little Ethan and baby Jane were not happy for long, though, because when Theresa and Ethan fought over custody of Jane in court, Theresa was once again stripped of her child, only this time her parental rights were not terminated. Determined to get both Ethan and Jane back in her life, Theresa agreed to marry Alistair Crane and allowed him to legally adopt Little Ethan, changing the boy's name from Ethan Winthrop Jr. to Ethan Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane



Jane Winthrop played by Kacey Melmsten

Jane's conception was unconventional, to say the least. Theresa had drugged and kidnapped Heather, Ethan and Gwen's surrogate, so that she could be implanted with Gwen and Ethan's egg. Her plan was to withhold the child unless they gave her back Little Ethan, whom the courts had taken away from her. When Theresa experienced some spotting, she was convinced she had miscarried, so she drugged a drunken Ethan and, dressed as Gwen (including Gwen's nightgown, Gwen's perfume and a blond wig), raped him (only Theresa, Pilar and Whitney know it was rape, as Theresa has not revealed the truth about slipping him the date rape drug -- Ethan and Gwen are fairly certain, but have no proof). When she learned she was carrying twins, Pilar pointed out that that one or both could belong to Gwen, but Theresa planned to keep them no matter what. The doctors determined that Theresa could not possibly carry both twins to term, but rather than do a DNA test and abort whichever child was not hers (which was what Theresa had wanted to do), Ethan convinced her to let the doctors decide by letting the stronger baby live.

When the baby was finally born prematurely, the hospital would not allow Gwen to see her until she produced the papers terminating Theresa's parental rights. Unfortunately, just as she was obtaining those papers, Theresa announced that the child could be hers. A DNA test proved that the baby belonged to Theresa and Ethan, and the assumption is that the boy belonged to Ethan and Gwen. Theresa took the child home, but when Jane developed a fever and took the baby to the hospital, Gwen took off with her. While Theresa and Ethan search for their daughter, Gwen is in hiding with the baby, whom she has renamed Ashley, on the Crane compound along with Katherine. Although Katherine has reminded Gwen that Theresa is the biological mother, Gwen has reminded Katherine that Theresa signed away her legal rights and that Ashley is her daughter now.

Ethan, Fox and Theresa eventually made their way to the Crane compound, where Theresa and Gwen came face to face over the baby and had a violent confrontation which left the others wondering if Theresa had killed Gwen. After Ethan made it clear to both women that he was staying with his wife, they promised the feud was over, and Ethan promised Theresa that as long as she didn't press charges against Gwen, he wouldn't take the baby away from her. Shortly after getting back to Harmony, though, Theresa called Sam to have him arrest Gwen, determined to get Gwen out of the way so that she could have Ethan to herself. Her plans backfired when Ethan called her out as a monster, and even though Theresa tried to use the baby to get him to stay with her, he stuck by his promise to Gwen.


Endora Lenox played by Nicole Cox

Endora was conceived on a night when both her parents were under the influence of MarTimmies. As a demon baby, she is a greater threat to her father than even he realizes. Since birth, Endora 'made things happen' with her own special brand of magic, and was often used by Tabitha or Kay to try to break up Miguel and Charity. Unfortunately for Tabitha, Endora is not easily controlled, and sometimes her magic does things even Tabitha isn't expecting.




Maria Lopez-Fitzgerald played by Layla and Logan Wheeler

Maria Ivy Lopez-Fitzgerald would never have been conceived if her father had been allowed to decide for himself who he made love to. Kay used the essence of Charity to physically turn herself into Charity, and when Miguel made love to her, he believed he was making love to his soulmate, and not his former best friend. Even before her birth she was used as a tool of manipulation by her mother to break up Miguel and Charity. She was born nearly two months premature, and almost died. It was Charity's promise to Death that she would give up her true love, Miguel, that saved young Maria's life. Shortly thereafter, her mother gave her a name...Maria for Miguel's aunt and grandmother, after Tabitha convinced Kay that the best way to manipulate Miguel was through using a name important to him, and Ivy for Ivy Winthrop Crane, the woman who has been seeking to destroy Kay's family for years, because Kay was furious with Grace for not supporting her manipulating and scheming to break up Miguel and Charity. She also gave the baby Miguel's last name. Kay was released soon after, but it was a number of weeks before Maria was released, going home at Thanksgiving.


Miles Harris played by Unknown

When Whitney first learned she was pregnant with Chad's child, she was tense, but happy. Unfortunately, she soon learned that her lover, Chad, was really her half-brother. She passed the child off as Fox's son, but when Fox left town to go look for Gwen and Theresa's baby daughter, Whitney used Fox's power of attorney to give up his rights to the child he thought was his. Unfortunately, she never counted on Chad adopting the boy.


Marty Lopez-Fitzgerald played by Shane and Mitchell Albin

When Marty was conceived, there was a chance he could have belonged to either Luis or Antonio, as Sheridan had been married to Antonio while having an affair with Luis. Sheridan was kidnapped when she was only a few weeks from her due date, and during that time it was decided that the baby's father was Luis, although there has never been any sort of testing done an dboth men were within the right time frame. Marty was born in Beth Wallace's basement, and she immediately took over the boy, claiming her as her own child. After Sheridan was left to die in the ocean, she was made to believe her baby boy had died.

Since the moment he was born Marty has been raised as Beth's son with Luis. His father hasn't been around much, so he has been primarily raised by Beth, with the help of her mother, Edna, and their orangutan helper, Precious. As an infant, he was breastfed by Sheridan as Beth was unable to do so (Beth had never actually been pregnant and had only pretended that she was), prompting Sheridan to believe for quite some time that Marty was her son. Eventually Sheridan accepted that her child was dead, but has maintained a close relationship with Marty. People eventually started noticing that Marty looked a lot like Sheridan, and it wasn't long before Sheridan herself admitted she had never stopped thinking of Marty as her son.

The miracle that Sheridan had been waiting for finally occurred and she was able to prove, through DNA, that Marty was her son (and Beth her half-sister). But before she was able to take custody of him, Beth fled the country with him, with Alistair's help.


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